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magic is something you make

I am a certified yoga and barre teacher

Certified in Hatha yoga in Italy in 2010. I've been practicing different styles and attending workshops / festivals with many years of teaching experience.

I've further studied spirit flow vinyasa with the craft of teaching yoga in Rome.

 With additional hours in Restore + Nidra and Yoga for kids.

Are you into up leveling your life?

The healing powers of the plants is nothing short of magic.

Let me guide you.

I've been working with essential oils for five years now and offer my insights and teachings for those who join my community.


Er du klar til å ta bedre vare på deg selv?

Jeg guider deg på veien gjennom:

Emosjonell healing

Personlig utvikling.

Bevissthets skifte.

Eteriske oljer hjelper oss å bryte gamle mønstre,

gi slipp på stress,

og gjør rom rom for mer glede.

Ja, jeg er klar for endring


I am a Norwegian who've lived in Rome, Italy for a decade and the eternal city has definitely shaped me into the person I am today. It's where I studied to become a yoga teacher and an actress in Italiano. The biggest theatre scene in Italy is in the streets and I've learned so much about la vita living there.

I started podcasting as I wanted to talk about all the things.

It truly is a great way of connecting, sharing wisdom and insights. It's a part of my personality to dive deep. Most define me as a spiritual person, but I know we are all spirits having this temporary human experience. Yes, I do love the more esoteric, mystical side of life, but it's also too short to take it too seriously, or yourself rather;) 

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I am delighted to bring barre to my community.

As a trained professional dancer and a certified yogateacher

I have worked with a lot of different movement modalities and

have a decade of teaching experience.

More info coming soon.

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