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I am Iselin a Norwegian Actress and Yogateacher who talks a lot over on my On Point Podcast. I am a super curious soul and some might even say I am a bit *woo woo* but I don't mind. I believe in magic, because HELLO can't you see that you are it babe ?! 

I'm into aligning with my highest self and embodying all that I am,

 fairy dust and sprinkles are included;)

Get to know me...

I started my career as a dancer in Oslo, but quickly traded in the dark cold depressive Nordic winters to wander the sunny streets of Rome. Looking to fill up my cup of life experience and to figure out what this ride called life was all about. Little did I know I would end up staying in Italy for about a decade. I studied the Italian language, working in cafés and restaurants striking a conversation with anyone to learn the language by heart. I did university courses in Philosophy, Art History and Italian, pondering what I was going to do with my life. Even though I was living the bella vita, it was not just fun and games. Living abroad, in another culture speaking a different language takes its toll and puts you through a lot of tests.

Rome is such a stunning city, but not an easy one to live in at all. It has taught me so much about life. It's basically the best school I ever went to, and taught me some of the hardest lessons in life.

I definitely grew a lot from my life experiences and I decided to do a yogateacher training after indulging in all of the pizza, gelato and vino 'cause you know.. it's all about balance.

After meditating in the Ashram, practicing yoga and studying philosophy a total Eat Pray Love journey, with a whole lotta soul searching I finally I went after my lifelong dream

of studying acting in Italiano.

When I was 18 and first arrived in Rome as an au-pair I had this idea that it would be so cool to one day return and go to acting school in Rome. But that dream seemed to BIG.

Completely out of reach.


But as time flew by I eventually realized my once oh so impossible dream. Turns out nothing really is.

All it takes is a lot of little steps in the right direction, not giving up when it becomes tough (cause it definitely will)

patience and perseverance and believing in something you cannot yet see.

This is your life. Live it like only you know how to.

I am still trying to stay a balanced bella, after living life to many extremes. 

For me it's all about creating harmony, or Armonia in Italian.

Hence the name of my own wellness brand


Which is all about radical self care, emotional healing and sisterhood.

My dharma, or souls mission is sharing what I've learned along my way. 

Through life's ups and downs I've picked up on a lot of knowledge that I share with those who care to listen.

Welcome to my my little corner of the world.

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