magic is something you make

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Are you into up leveling your life?

The healing powers of the plants is nothing short of magic.

Let me guide you.

Prøv min guidede meditasjon for

dyp avspenning med

Yoga Nidra som betyr søvn på sanskrit.

Også kalt den søvnløse søvnen.



I am a Norwegian who've lived in Rome, Italy for a decade and the eternal city has definitely shaped me into the person I am today. It's where I became a yoga teacher and an actress in Italiano. Si, signore. The biggest theatre scene in Italy is the streets and I studied la vita aka LIFE, art history, philosophy & the Italian language.

I started podcasting as I wanted to talk about all the things.

It truly is a great way of connecting and sharing wisdom and insights.It's a part of my personality to dive deep and I especially like the more esoteric, mystical side of life alongside the more

'lighthearted' stuff.