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Welcome to the #onpoint universe!

I am a super curious soul and I think that we all can learn so much from taking the time to listen.

Podcasts are a perfect means for that in today's busy world. Intimate and personal.

I was inspired to start podcasting as I have great conversations with amazing souls

and I figured it would be a shame NOT to share.

Tune in for inspiration in the field of personal development, wellness & spirituality✨

As an actress, yoga teacher or just an eternal soul having this human experience...

I love to dive deep into all things spiritual, astrology, energy healing and more *woo-woo* stuff.

I invite friends, teachers and other experts in the field on to share their perspective,

insights and inspiration.

Episodes are up in both Norwegian and English. 😉



What does ON POINT MEAN?

On Point. An expression that means immaculateimpeccable, flawless, superb, quintessential, or just simply good. Usually used by people who severely lack in vocabulary😂

According to the urban dictionary.


As a Norwegian speaking Italian and English (and some other languages thrown into the mix).

I've had my struggles with finding the right words😅

I think I do a pretty good job, even though I might trip on my words a few times... 


Why ON POINT though?

I wonder too, as I tend to digress 🙈

The positive about getting lost sometimes is that we find hidden treasures, and I am on point in the sense that I talk about subjects that I believe truly matters. It's a part of my personality to dive deep, I like to get to the core of the matter and - of course I invite guests that I know are #onpoint with have something special to share.

I love to get to know people's stories, to dive into their background and learn how they came to be who they are today. Being super curious, I always ask my guests about their selfcare go-to's and what inspires them.

Are you curious yet?

Have a listen in, and tell me what you think.

Some episodes are now also available up on my YouTube channel.

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Hei og velkommen inn i #onpoint universet

Jeg tar preiket mitt med meg online og inviterer spennende og ikke minst inspirerende gjester på podden min. 

Ideen kom til meg i 2019 da jeg elsker de gode samtaler, som desverre skjer for skjelden i våre hektiske liv. 

Det er en del av min personlighet og undre seg over livets mysterier og hvorfor vi gjør nettopp det vi gjør. 

Som en nysgjerrig sjel, dykker dypt inn i livet og jeg har et bredt spekter av interesser. 

Jeg innser at jeg kjenner en del spennende folk som jeg vil presentere deg for, 

og noen andre jeg kanskje tørr å spørre om jeg kan få snakke mer med.

Er du klar for å bli inspirert?

Jeg byr på meg selv med både ironi og latter 😊

Lytt inn for en dose feel good stemning og kanskje et nytt perspektiv?

Vi høres! Eller ses vi? 

Nå er flere episoder også oppe på YouTube. Abbonér gjerne for å følge med!